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Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) and Cross Fox meeting, an example of color variations within a species, North America.”


KONRAD WOTHE/ MINDEN PICTURES/National Geographic Creative


High-five for open minded people


this is the best image i have ever seen




It’s kinda messed up that we associate the term ‘princess’ with being spoilt, petty, shallow and weak, while we associate ‘prince’ with being dashing, courageous, powerful and strong. 


Unless you watch Game of Thrones. Then, in many cases, the stereotypes are flipped.


it begins


when you see someones wing wang on omegle 



guys that date bisexual girls and talk about how cool it is they’re dating a lesbian are the reason why i hate straight men


captcha knows whats up 


You don’t need drug to have a fun time

Anonymous asked: Hi there! I was wondering if you have any advice on making friends at a con where you don't know anyone?


Hm…well really, the best way to do it is just talking to people! It’s easiest to start up a talk with people in your fandom—the way I did it was talking to a pirate!England at AkiCon who introduced me to some people she’d met, and we ended up hanging out for the rest of the con. Keep an eye out for groups doing activities (we played a game of ‘Don’t let the balloon touch the ground’ on Sunday) where you can join in or try going to some of the con-sponsored activities. Once you get talking to people, they’re usually glad to invite you into their group!

Photoshoots are a great place to meet and talk to people from your fandom; you could try attending one of those as well! And definitely always feel free to compliment people on their cosplays or ask for photos (provided they’re not busy with something else). Strangely enough, standing in line is also a good place, since no one has anything else to do but talk anyway!

I’m not the best at giving advice on making friends, but I hope this helped anon! And if all else fails, see if you can drag a friend to con with you ;)


Fun fact there’s a white noise generator that allows you to add a swarm of bees, spooky child giggles, and the shrieks of monkeys over calming rainforest sounds


feelin good about yourself but suddenly you look at someone and then you look at yourself again and boom


whenever i use only one exclamation point i feel like a middle-aged dad who just discovered the internet!